Automated Influencer Gifting

Stop spending your time collecting shipping address and size in the DMs just to manually type it into a Shopify order.Send a gift form instead!

Our customers

Influencer gifting is part of a modern brand's marketing strategy. Lets make it easy!

Ashwinn, DTC Founder

We gift product to 15-20 creators per day, and this has immensely sped up our workflow, maybe saving us 5 hours a week. We used to ask creators for their address info, which product variant they wanted to receive, would manually input this into a spreadsheet, and would later upload to shopify, but this simple checkout form -> inputting order simplifies all of that and takes out the work.Each gifted order gets inputted as $0.00 so it does not skew your revenue numbers, and any customization you need it takes care of (for example automatically asking for consent to use their social posts, if the creator/influencer does post about your brand).

Meg Plooy, Strategic Ops

Absolutely Fantastic. We were excited to find an order form option to help us manage several channels for influencer ordering but the added win for us was the personalized support offered by Neil to not only get us up and running but also take our suggestions to make sure the app met our multiple use cases.

Adam Litvack, EVP Marketing

This is THE app we been looking for. It automates the entire gifting process and integrates it into your order flow.
Highly customizable and new features are added daily.
The dev is amazing, he replies quickly- creates new features and is only interested in making this app better.
We could not imagine doing this manually- great job Neil.

No more spreadsheets

Manage all your orders and influencers in one place

Customize your forms

Manage multiple versions of each forms so you can control which products influencers and agencies can choose

Doesn't mess up analytics

Orders are created as paid, $0, and with a discount so they don't mess up your Shopify revenue dashboards.

Simple pricing

5 free orders and then choose between:



  • Unlimited Orders

  • Unlimited Gift Forms and Form Versions

  • Prioritized Support

25 more


  • 25 more orders

  • Unlimited Forms and Form Versions

  • Prioritized Support

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Let's make influencer gifting easy!

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